Jean Tansey is interested in individual and group experiences within a context of larger global concerns, the images she makes can become conversation starters. Jean has a deep dive experience as listener of stories due to her psychotherapy practice which has included a decade of working with women in addiction and domestic violence services. Earning a dual masters in social work and sociology deeply informs her standpoint as an artist and has grown her compassion through this journey of walking along with individuals as they recount; traumatic situations, personal struggles, and anxieties as they seek out hope for the future.   

Jean Tansey shows at regional exhibits and community events such as outdoor arts festivals, political demonstrations, installations, including site specific and viewer interactive pieces. Though Tansey has recently returned to her roots, painting on 2 dimensional surfaces, Jean has worked in various media. Examples of the variety include; large fabric flags on a pedestrian bridge, painted fabric circles used by dancers, installations along rail trails, aluminum cut-outs in municipal parks, multi-unit installations in public parks and at non-profits, window installations and large wood panel paintings installed outdoors for public viewing. Jean is committed to using art as a platform to present issues and commentary to engage not only the eye, but also the mind, questioning assumptions and creating conversations.

As described by Indiana Nash of the Daily Gazette out of Schenectady, NY “Two haunting paintings by Jean Tansey, “Refugees Walking” and “Hiding from Soldiers,” are at the forefront of the Article 13 exhibit, reflecting the terrifying experience of fleeing a country. Within the works, Tansey references South Sudan, though the sense of fear is no doubt shared by those fleeing other countries as well.” True stories, frequently buried down screen from mainstream exposure, in which most of the people of the world live in conditions which are uncomfortable, dangerous and with tenuous holds on any form of security. Building capacity for compassion in our society with dialogue is bottom line for what motivates Tansey.

BFA: School of Visual Arts, NYC [email protected]

2023  Live Art Painting: Nipperfest, Schenectady, NY

           Woman, The Lace Mill, Kingston, NY

2022   Mural: Roses for Rosendale, NY

            Art on Main, Rosendale, NY

           Tiny ROOST:  Installation, Gardiner, NY

2021   Global Garden, CA Gallery, Danbury, CT

2020   Tell Me a Story, Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY

2019    Woman, The Lace Mill, Kingston, NY

             Resisterhood, One Epic Place, New Paltz, NY

2018    Article 13, Collar Works, Troy, NY

2017    Artists Stand Up, Roxbury Arts Center, Roxbury, NY

2016     Nasty Women, The Institute, New Haven, CT and Collar Works, Troy, NY

             It’s All Politics, Greene County Council on the Arts, Catskill, NY

             Change Agents: Personal Art as Political Tactic, Lamont Gallery, Exeter, NH

             Loving the Earth, Mid-Hudson Heritage Center of Poughkeepsie, NY 

             Why Can’t We Serve, Woodstock Community Center, Woodstock, NY  

2015    The Stories We Tell, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz, NY

             Peace and Justice, Muroff-Kotler Gallery, Ulster County Community College, NY       

2014    Truth Out: Personal, Political, and Social, Unframed Artists Gallery, New Paltz, NY

2013    In the News, Woodstock Artist Association & Museum, Woodstock, NY  

             Hungry for Music, Opus 40, Saugerties, NY

             Skyfest, Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY

2012    Point of View, Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, Woodstock, NY

2010    Arts for Ulster, Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, Woodstock, NY

2008    We’re Only in it for the Money, Donskoj and Co. Gallery, Kingston, NY

2006    Effigy, A.S.K. Art Society of Kingston, Kingston, NY

2005    This is Not an Archive, CCS Bard College, Annandale on Hudson, NY

2004    The Good the Bad and the Ugly, In the Mood Gallery, Kingston, NY

2003    Ornament, Donskoj and Co., Kingston, NY

2001    Kingston Sculpture Biennial, Block Park, Kingston, NY

2000    Sculpture & Installation, Peace Park, New Paltz, NY

Selected exhibits  1984-2000 available upon request