Paintings: acrylic on canvas

Mule Woman of Melilla 48″X48″

Bomb Blast 36″X60″

Napa on Fire 36″X60″

Cooking with Fire 36″X48″

Walking Through Water 36″X 60″ and Hiding from Soldiers 36″X 48″ Collarworks, Troy, NY

Hiding from Soldiers 36″X48″

Refugee Mother 36″X48″ provided by owner

Refugee Mother 36″X48″

After the Hurricane 36″X60″ at The Lace Mill, Kingston, NY

Waterhouse 66″X48″ at The Lace Mill, Kingston

Waiting for Water 24″X36″

Journey 20″X50″ detail

Smoke and Fire 24″X48″

Camp fire in Paradise 36″X48″

Flash Drought 36″X48″

Melania at Work 48″X 36″ with Jean pandemic wear

Permanent install in the offices of the Columbia County Childcare Council in Hudson, NY

One example from the Hand series, acrylic on wood panels