Archive: multi media, installations, events, & 2-D

Kairos (ariel view) at The Center for Symbolic Studies, Tillson, NY

Installation on field 150′ x 75′ yellow ribbon, 15′ wigwam, 10′ metal sculpture, Tillson, NY

Ceremony culminating in wigwam with 2 interfaith ministers and four musicians with original songs

KAIROS: end of night after evening ceremony at Center for Symbolic Studies, Tillson, NY

KAIROS: miniature ceremonial symbol for ceremony celebrating life cycles

Arts on the Bridge: Wallkill Valley Rail Trail overhead flag quilt

Arts on the Bridge: artists quilt installed on pedestrian bridge over the Wallkill River, Ulster County, NY

Arts on the Bridge: Jean Tansey (1 of 2) 4’X4′ nylon and mesh integrated into artists’ hanging flag quilt

Flying Woman, arts on the bridge quilt square, nylon fabric on mesh, Arts on the Bridge, Rosendale, NY

Peace Park arts celebration

Tumbling through Space, mirror, mesh, black flannel on frame installation Peace Park, New Platz, NY

Detail interior of Tumbling the Space of figure reflected on mirror with sky, Peace Park, New Paltz, NY

Peace Park arts celebration

I can see you, installation; cloth, acrylic paint on armature with mirrors, Peace Park, New Paltz, NY

I See You, detail of reflected image of infinite mirror effect inside earth element, Peace Park, New Platz, NY


Protest costume in “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” at In the Mood Gallery, Kingston, NY

Not in My Name, Washington, DC

I dreamt I could Fly: 3 piece installation, Kingston, NY

“I dreamt I was Flying” aluminum cutout, Block Park, Kingston Sculpture Biennial, Kingston, NY

“I dreamt I could Fly” cast aluminum figure suspended between two trees, Block Park, Kingston, NY

“I dreamt I could Fly” box with mirror and drawing reflecting sky, Block Park, Kingston, NY

Art along the Rail Trail

Art Along the Rail Trail, 6 invisible circles with dancers’ drawings, hanging in the woods, Rosendale, NY


Figures in Space Series, Installation 22″x30″ acrylic on paper, Creative Space Co-op, Rosendale, NY

Liz & Ethan, homebirth, 60″x36″ acrylic/canvas, Sojourner Truth Library SUNY New Paltz, NY

Soldier, acrylic on board, installation Whitecliff Winery, Gardiner Open Studio Tour event, Gardiner, NY

Icons of Society

Icons of Society, wood, fabric, metal mesh, cotton, acrylic paint, Women in the Arts, Unison, New Platz, NY

Icons of Society: Commonwealth, Homeless (detail) Unison, New Paltz, NY

Miniature Icons of Society, Unison, New Paltz, NY

Miniature House: Icons of Society, wood, metal, fabric, acrylic paint, thread, Unison, NP, NY

Untitled, wood, paint, fabric 54″x 36″

American Dream Project

American dream, public interaction and collection of comments, World Peace Day, Armenia, NY

Cycle of life

Cycle of Life, installation apples, mason jars, fabric, acrylic on canvas, SUNY, New Platz, NY

Cycle of life, detail: gesture drawing

Celebration of the Arts

Village wide celebration of the arts, circles of nylon with acrylic paint movable as a mobile, New Platz, NY